Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Garrison Pub on Bermondsey Street is a gastro pub, which we have stopped eating at as we have had too many dishes that were not properly cooked or that were cold. However, they have an excellent private room there which costs £50 to hire and which has a projector, space for 30 people, air conditioning and fantastic shabby chic decor. We had my Step son's leaving party there and it was an excellent venue. You can set it up however you like, we pre ordered some wine and then afterwards people fetched their drinks from the bar. You can order canapes but we (being cheapskates) made the bar menu available for people to order from if they wanted to. It was just right; chips, bruschetta, fishfinger sandwiches etc...I would heartily recomend it for a small party, film club or soireee type thing (which I beleive is popular again now).

I do not have a proper picture of the room so have posted one of Joff's head instead.

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