I'm Moving

Saturday, 23 January 2010
Hello to all (or few) of you that visit this blog. I am moving to a new address. I can now be found at eatinguplondon.wordpress.com. I will be re jigging it over the next few weeks but do come and visit...

Village East

Sunday, 8 November 2009
Village East is a restaurant and bar on bermondsey street run by the people who own the Garrison. Populated mostly by fashionable looking 30 and 40 somethings it has a lively atmosphere, good (ie flattering) lighting and is deceptively large. The bar is at the front and also has a mezzanine level and the restaurant is at the back, again on two levels.
The waiting staff are efficient if not exactly warm and cuddly, which is probably exactly what you want from people serving you food. The place was busy in a Saturday night and the only minor irritation is the insistence on background music which I never really understand in restaurants.
The food was good, a fairly wide range of vegetarian stuff, including roast vegetable couscous with halloumi, artichoke salad with broad beans and peas, and roasted aubergine soup which we didn't have but which sounded lovely.
The food was well cooked, the veg fresh and not too oily and the green beans served with plenty of butter, which is the best way. In fact we had a vegetarian meal containing a huge variety of vegetables, which is not always the case when eating out.
We shared a starter, a main each, three sides and a beautiful crumble to finish. This, plus two glasses of reisling each came to £77, not cheap but to my mind good value for a decent meal, good wine and well lit, well designed surroundings.

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The Milk Bar

Friday, 30 October 2009

The Milk Bar is the sister coffee bar to Flat White, both are antiodean and both serve fantastic coffee, including a flat White. The Milk Bar is on Bateman street in soho and is small and generally busy with wooden tables and funky staff. As well as coffee they serve
lunch and brunch including a very good plate of scrambled eggs, which was just the right creamy consistency and a vegan carrot cake crammed with pumpkin seeds. Vegan cake is never as good as non vegan cake but this was a pretty good attempt. Lunch was £15 for 2 coffees, 2 scrambled eggs on toast and one piece of cake. Recommended.

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Rosso Pommodorro

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

We are back at Rosso Pommodorro in Covent garden and it is still delicious and still worth visiting. Huge and authentic pizzas with proper creamy, smoky mozarella and rich tomato sauce, great service, good wine and lots of Italians. Need I say more.