Costa Coffee, Heathrow Airport, Terminal 4

Sunday, 30 August 2009

We were saying goodbye to my Step son and his wife as they were emigrating to Israel and obviously after all that emotion, blended family dynamics etc, we were hungry. Terminal 4 is very small, Heathrow Airport is a food desert and the outlook was not promising. Costa Coffee was bascially the only option apart from a Wetherspoons pub, which isn't really an option at all.

So, since I am now reviewign pretty much everything I eat outside of the house (althoug there is a lot to catch up on) here it is: the egg sandwich was pretty decent, no foliage just egg and mayo on soft brown bread. A slice of carrot cake was large, sweet and sticky, and the coffee is only really drinkable if youhave an extra shot. Pretty basic but not terrible, and apart from the fact they tried to put Vanilla syrup in my coffee, not a complete disaster at all.

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