Dish Dash

Monday, 4 May 2009
Dish Dash is a Persian restaurant in Balham. I don't often go to Balham and forget that it is actually not that far from me, and Dish Dash is definitely a reason to re visit.

It is a good local restaurant with friendly service, including a waiter from Belfast who everyone asks where he is from, assuming he is from Iran via Belfast, but he is actually from Belfast. The decor is pleasant and unremarkable, but with a relaxed feel. The menu contains things you may recognise from Turkish or Lebanese food but it tastes very different. Persian food, in my limited experience is more aromatic that it's Turkish counterparts, Falafel taste fragrant and subtly spiced as does the hummus. We ordered a mixture of meze priced between £3.50 and £4.50, including; Kookoo, a perisan omellette,Mirza, a lentil and aubergine dip, and Esfenaj, a mixture of spinach and chick peas adn the afore metnioned Falafel and Hummus. All were good, not oily as this type of food can sometimes be, all delicately spiced and, as I mentioned before, fragrant (although I couldn't tell you what the spices were). Oh, and we had Jewelled rice, which is a sticky persian rice with a heap of saffron on the top and which is probably my favourite dish in Dish Dash. To finish we shared three scoops of ice cream; Cardamon, Pistachio and Vanilla. Vanilla is Joff's choice I hasten to add. The cardamon and pistachio were absolutely delicious adn I urge you to order them if you visit.

The meal cost £30 for two, with plenty of food and a cocktail each. Don't order the cocktails they are average, go for wine or beer. A very good local restaurant and worth a short tube journey if you fancy something a little different with excellent vegetarian choices.
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Sylvia said...

thanks for this review - will try and persuade my husband to give it a go. Alas he has a problem with meat and fruit together. And he thinks that couscous is the devil's work.
Have you tried Tagine just down the road just in Fernlea Rd just opposite the Bedford? What's that like?
I've been to the Moorish Lounge in Norbury - just after junction with Green Lane - and it was great there. A gaggle of middle aged women clutching their own booze didnt faze them at all.

If only we had good restaurants like that in Streatham...

Harriet Fisher said...

I agree with the fruit and meat thing, although now I don't eat meat at all, which solves one problem and creates another, but dish dash doesn't really do the fruit and meat thing and mercifully no tagines, as I don't really like those either. Will take a look at the Moorish lounge though