The Breakfast Club Soho

Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Breakfast Club is a bright yellow cafe on Poland street in Soho. Ther eis also a branc in Islington, but we visited the Soho one. It is named after the 80's film of the same name and of which I am very fond. The music also has a decidedly 80's feel, but in a good way.

Anyway, the food; they serve breakfast of course, at the weekend anyway and a few more lunchy things during the week. We had eggs, scrambled for Joff and fried for me. They also do pancakes, classic breakfasts, yoghurt and cereal, bagels and smoothies, toast etc.

The eggs were good, well I think the scrambled were good and mine were ok, but mostly because they both came with tomato chutney which I didn't pay a lot of attention to on the menu but which I couldn't avoid on the plate. The chutney had an incredibly overpowering vinegary smell that actually made my stomach lurch and I had to shove it to one side before I could tackle the egss. But that may be just me, Joff had no such problems, he didn't actually eat the cutney mind you but it didn't actually make him feel sick. Back to the eggs, they were nice enough (would have been better without chutney) and the toast was lovely thick slices of buttery granary. The coffee however was really very good, nice and strong and not too much milk. We had carrot cake to follow which was also excellent, actually tasted home made and the icing was delicious but not overpowering.

The eggs were £4.00 and the coffee £2.30, which is about right for Soho. The place has a good lively atmosphere, and the decor is laid back student style but without being too grungy. The clientele were youngish and trendy (not necessarily including us). I would go back and probably try the pancakes or the scrambled eggs, strictly no chutney, with lashings of coffee and carrot cake.
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