Lunch in borough Market part 3

Saturday, 7 June 2008

We were again searching for somewhere to eat in Borough (had just been to the gym) and were marching down Borough high street towards Joe's Kitchen (more of this in another post). Walking past Taz, a good chain of Turkish restaurants, we noticed Taz cafe next door, empty- ish and inviting enough so we went in. They serve sandwiches with slightly off the wall fillings (Leek, spinach and yoghurt plus feta, olives and mint) as well as traditional Turkish pastries stuffed with cheese and spinach, falafel wraps and fresh looking salad plates. Service was friendly enough, the price was reasonable and the food good. I will definitely add this to the everso slightly expanding list of places to sit and eat in Borough. Oh and we had a piece of Baklava too which was fresh, buttery and dripping with honey... delicious.

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Quail said...

One of my haunts. I used to live in Borough until Aug last year. I used to pig out in Taz and then make my round to Monmouth Coffee before nipping round to Neal's Yard practically every Saturday. Now that I'm living in Devon, I'm actually making the cheese not eating it.