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Friday, 2 January 2009

So, on New YEar's eve we decided not to go to the Real Greek after all (nothing personal). Instead Joff went to the deli at EV in Waterloo, EV is a chain of Turkish restaurants that includes Tas, and EV. The main restuarant is huge, set under the railway arches in Waterloo and does reasonably priced Turkish food, particularly good for vegetarians.

Next door is a bakery and delicatessen selling much of the food served in the restuaraunt as well as bags of dried fruit, beans, herbs etc. For our New YEar's Eve feast Joff bought hummus, tabouleh, peppers and aubergines in oil, slices of a cheese and spinach pie (like borek), turkish delight and baklava. delicious. We supplemented it with other things like more aubergine and falafel but it was dleicious and fresh, if filling.

Off to Giraffe, post cinema, later and will report back tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

have you been to Enis's cafe on Waterloo road? (Is that near you?)

Harriet Fisher said...

Waterloo is near us - never heard of it- will look it up. Is it any good?

amemberofthepublic said...

79b i think's the number. there's a rumour it's run by aliens - i have been outside and pondered going in but bottled it. check it out. this is the only link i have found:

Anonymous said...

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London Eater said...

You been to Giraffe yet?

Harriet Fisher said...

yes, and am about to write it up very belatedly...

Harriet Fisher said...

London eater - I have been and now written it up