Trees for Cities

Saturday, 11 October 2008
This is a late update but we completed the Treeathlon. It was a gorgeous day and there weren't too many runners which made for a relaxed atmosphere. Battersea Park is pretty and, importantly, flat. Joff ran with me this time so he coud be the pace person, I told him to keep an eye on the time as I wanted to do it in under 40 minutes adn then every time he looked at his watch I shouted that I was going as fast as I can and he could go on if he wanted. Which led me to the conclusion that I am a grumpy runner, I do not feel the wind in my hair and freedom driving me along, it feels like a hard slog, I look red and sweaty as opposed to lithe and athletic and it always feels like a long way. However, once finished I am excited enough that I didn't actually die doing it that it all seems worthwhile. In the end I managed to complete it in 34 and a bit minutes, which wasn't too bad, event though at one point I was being overtaken by some pretty elderly looking people.

And on to the food. We collected our Veggie brunches in their little brown paper bags, took them back to my mums, where we changed, and then promptly went out to lunch. Not that they didn't look nice but going out to lunch seemed like the thing to do. For the record the brunch consisted of a club sandwich with salad, egg and cheese. I think it was the egg and cheese that did it, I don't really see the point of egg and cheese, it's a bit like having pizza and chips. We went to Coffee Republic on the Kings road and had bagels, which they make at the counter and which were fresh and suitably chewy. The coffe there is good and strong, the surroundings seem a little faded but this meant there was room to sit down. I prefer the coffee here to most of the other coffee chains, except perhaps Cafe Nero, and you could do a lot worse than lunch on one of their bagels.


Anonymous said...

Did you eat the Brunch? Leave them at your mum's? Have 'em for supper later or wot?

Cheese omellette? Does that work?

Harriet Fisher said...

we left them behind. Cheese omellette is an exception (or eggception), cheese is sometimes ok with scrambled egg but only very occassionally. Sliced egg and cheese is the worst.