Lunch in Borough Market pt 2

Sunday, 20 January 2008
So it is true that it is difficult to sit down and eat lunch in Borough Market, a lot of standing up and shovelling down meat filled rolls goes on. Which is all well and good but we were looking for somewhere to sit and chat and recover from the rain. We tried the French Patisserie but were told we couldn't just have coffee but that we all had to eat, 'It is a patisserie' we were told rather snootily. So we decamped to shipp's tearooms and were welcomed with open arms, even told that they only did tea but we were welcome to go and buy a coffee and bring it in! Needless to say we didn't, we all had tea, served in retro little tea pots with floral china on freshly laundered table linen. It was fantastic and old fashioned but quite clearly styled that way, with china cups suspended from the ceiling and girls with rose bud complexions serving. Service was friendly, tea was delicious and the cakes were moist, buttery and everything that we hoped they would be. This all does not come cheaply, but then you are in Borough market so presumably you have already left your financial sense at the gates. I can't say exactly how much it cost because my Aunt kindly paid, but I did notice that she had to reach into her purse for an extra note when the bill came. However it is a great place, friendly, tasty, and extrememly well dressed.

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