Zodiac - it's a killer!

Sunday, 20 May 2007
The film Zodiac has had nothing less than 4 star reviews and so I was looking forward to seeing it with great excitment, however after 2 and a half hours of watching it my excitment had turned to head nodding boredom. I admit I was tired already and I do have a habit of falling asleep in films with anything less than ear drum shattering jaw dropping action (although I like to think of myself as an arthouse lover, I think I am naturally more of a blockbuster type). This is a film about the fruitless search for a serial killer, who may or may not have killed anything from 4 - 40 people. They don't find him. Which would havebeen ok if anything else actually happened, like character development or stuff like that, but no such luck. A disparate group of police (or cops as they say over there) pursue the Zodiac as he taunts them with a seemingly endless chain of letters and codes to break (nothing duller than watching someone crack a code on film - witness the DA Vinci Code). They start off obsessed and end up obsessed and fired. Yes, the detail is impressive, the look of it inviting and the first 2 murder scenes are pretty scary, but that is not enought to carry over 2 hours of mumbling, bumbling interminable searching.

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