Saturday, 24 March 2007
advertises itself as Indian tapas, which basically means that it isIndian food, although in the modern sense of the phrase, in small portions. This means you can taste a wide variety of dishes or have to order a lot depeneding on your point of view...It also means that you can order things like a bulgar wheat and yellow bean salad alongside more traditional dishes such as samosas, which in my opinion is a refreshing alternative but to some may be an unforgivable transgression. Anyhow, we ordered six dishes plus a pudding and 2 glasses of wine and it came to £32 and was very tasty. We had to queue for 15 minutes but it was worth it - good value, good fod and a bubbly atmosphere, but may be too risky for lovers of a good old chicken tikka masala. Oh and they do decent vegetarian dishes too.

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