An Endangered Restaurant

Friday, 16 February 2007
Valentine's dinner at the Neal Street restaurant on...Neal street. It is basically the posh flagship restaurant of the Carluccio chain. And when I say posh I mean that it is also expensive (over £40 a head) but very delicious food - Italian meat, fish and pasta with the most enourmous olives you will have ever seen and the oiliest, saltiest bread, yum. Anyway, we had a great dinner, service was excellent and not too sickeningly Valentine-ish. The main point being, if I could get to it, that the restaurant is closing on March 17th due to the building being redeveloped, so if you want to spend some money and eat some good Italian food in smart surroundings, do it quickly (and eat a smalllunch as it is very filling). Ah yes also it is particularly famous for its mushrooms, so if you are a funghi fan then you really had better go before it shuts.

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