Ray's Jazz cafe

Monday, 1 January 2007
Ray's is part of Foyles book shop on the Charing cross road, you go in through a separate entrance and up some stairs. It is a jazz music shop and cafe. I don't like Jazz ( I know, I know, all music is Jazz and you shouldn't label good music, blah, blah, blah... I still don't like it) but I do like the cafe. Narrow wooden tables, large pot plants, trendy, nerdy looking types on tiny laptops at the benches by the windows, good sandwiches, great coffee and excellent cake. The service is slow but you just have to go with it. The toasted paninis are really good, particularly the cheese, tomato and rosemary, they do a tasty humous and roasted pepper wrap and the coffee is good and strong, not like a milky bedtime drink. It can be difficult to find a table but get there early enough and it shouldn't be too tricky.

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Joff said...

i like going to Ray's the food and atmosphere envelope you like a luxurious glove.